Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wode Scent Paint - Wacky or Cool?

If you happen to be in NYC today you can stop by Project No. 8 (138 Division St., b/t Orchard & Ludlow Sts.) and pick up a bottle of Wode Scent Paint. It apparently starts selling today from what I understand. What is it you ask... Well, let me tell you.

From Daily Candy NY: "Fashion label Boudicca unleashes perfume graffiti meant to be sprayed aggressively (not spritzed). Cobalt color disappears without a trace in moments — leaving behind the scents of tuberose and clary sage."

I went to check out the website and it immediately launches a movie of a women being sprayed with it and basically rubbing it into her neck as we watch it disappear. If you watch it at work you may want to let your co-workers know it's not porn - it appears as if it could be going in that direction but I assure you it isn't. (You can skip the movie altogether if you want by the "Skip the Movie" link in the top left).

If you're not into the whole blue paint aspect they do sell it in clear too, it just has a higher concentration of fragrance. I may need to swing by Barneys in Seattle and see if they carry it - I want to smell it.

Do you remember those trick pens that would shoot out blue ink on people and then it would disappear? This reminds me of that... I wonder if it's the same but with scent added... Hmmm....

So, what do you think? Wacky or Cool?

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