Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dear God, make me a bird. So I could fly far. Far far away from here.

(That's my favorite line from Forrest Gump).

Only 2 more days till my NYC trip. I am anxiously awaiting getting out of
town, getting out of work, getting away from everything and just going somewhere that I don't have to think about doing much of anything. I can just do what I want. (Seeing Xanadu is among the things I want to do! NOOO I am not kidding!! We already have tickets.)

Please pray that I run into John Mayer on the streets of NY and he falls madly in love with me... and we go far far away and have beautiful babies or some crap like that. In reality what would happen would be I would see him on the street and freeze up, pass out or run away... The whole seeing JM has been kind of a joke ever since the planning for this trip began. The gawker stalker website tells you where celebs have been spotted around NYC. So I joked I was going to go hang out in his neighborhood Starbucks and hope to run into him... Really, I won't be doing that, I promise, I don't want to be THAT girl. Last thing I want is to be labeled as is that "crazy John Mayer stalker". We can't have babies if he has a restraining order out on me now can we!? (I kid, I kid!)

So anyways, NY is almost here and I am so ready!! There is a fashion exhibit at The Met I want to see, so I need to find time to squeeze that in. Plus I plan to hit up MOMA to see the Helvetica exhibit. We're gonna try and see the St Patrick's Day parade, have brunch at Les Halles (I love Anthony Bourdain) and maybe even get over to Coney Island. There is a lot to do and just a few days to do it all in... Wish me luck!

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