Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dear Summer, Could you hurry up already?!

Summer isn't to far away... I know we still have to wait from Spring to come and go but mentally I just want to skip it and have Summer be here now! (Living in Seattle this time of year kind of kills that though.)

It's been sunny here but 42 degrees - that doesn't really help with that mental block I was talking about. Hubby and I have decided a trip to Mexico is just what we need!

So, with Mexico looming in my near future it's time to start thinking about swim wear. Never a fun shopping trip but I do enjoy looking online for suits (I think it's b/c you are mentally trying them on versus actually trying them on and seeing all those lovely flaws)...

I got an email from Victoria's Secret today with what else, swim suites!! Check out the cute lobster print one pictured above - I love it!! It's kitschy and cute! It just so happens to match a cute Kate Spade bag I have wanted since last summer... Hmmm, maybe it'll be on sale now and I can be all matchy matchy at the beach.

If lobster prints aren't your thing then make sure to check out the Victoria's Secret website as they have some super cute suits and they are having a sale right now as well! Can't beat that!!

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B.licious said...

i can't wait till summer! :)