Thursday, March 20, 2008


I got back from a whirlwind trip to the big apple. We had alot of fun and saw a lot of things!

First off we arrived on Friday and just went straight to our apartment in midtown that we rented. I must say we literally were in the perfect location for everything!! After getting settled we decided to have dinner at the Hourglass Tavern on our street where Regina and I got the Lobster and Fettuccine meal for $24.95. Quite a bargain and such a cute little place! Apparently we stayed on restaurant row, so we did have many options!!

Saturday we had brunch at Brasserie Les Halles. The food was tasty but the service was slow. The reviews I had read said that but I can now say that I do agree! after brunch we decided to kind of mosey our way north on 5th Ave. We stopped in at Henri Bendel for some signature perfume making and window shopping, then we made our way through Central Park where we had lunch at the Boathouse. After lunch we went to see Strawberry Fields, the John Lennon memorial. Regina and Kristin decided to hit the Natural History Museum and Melissa and I hoped in a cab back towards the apt. Melissa went in to relax and I went off on my own to explore and do some mild shopping (H&M). That night we met up with Tim (who had his appendix removed a few days before - he was such a trooper) and Kelly for dinner and drink at Bar 89. After dinner Kelly, Regina and I hit town for some late night partying. We stumbled into a piano bar where tons of fabulously hot gay men were singing show tunes - that place was a ton of fun! After there we hit up one more place that had a beautiful bartender!! (Oh, earlier in the day Regina and I saw this older women in her fur coat, big jewelry and GIANT red hair... I saw her again when I was on my way to H&M and then we both saw her as we were in our town car on the way out of the city... She is hard to miss. My guess is she works at the library by Bryant Park as all 3 sightings were close by and she looked like she was walking into it on the last one... I have made an artists rendering of her for your enjoyment! I want to know her!!)

Sunday we slept in a bit. Regina and I went to see Xanadu - which was terribly fun! After the play we hopped the subway and met Kelly for our Coney Island trip. The subway trip was about 45min. It was fun to go somewhere different in NY. Once we got there we found out it wasn't open like the website said so we took some pictures and got a hot dog at Nathan's. Yum! We headed back to the city, met with Kristin and Melissa and Tim and Kelly's place, then went to a bar across the street for drinks and jovial conversation. (Side Note: I emailed Coney Island and they said they did open but the attendance was so low that they closed... sad.)

Monday was St. Patrick's Day. All of us except Kristin went to Century 21 for some shopping. Then we hopped the subway back up to Kristin and watched the parade for a hour or so. We met some interesting people and had a lot of fun watching the people go by... At about 2pm we headed North as we had reservations at The Plaza for tea. Apparently The Plaza is closed but the Palm Court restaurant isn't. Tea was nice but we were still hungry after - we went for pizza. Then back to the apt. for some mild resting and then off to dinner with Kelly.

Tuesday was our last day so we went to MOMA before all heading to the airport. Sadly, Regina and I were stuck at JFK for 3 hours due to airplane issues (cargo to heavy, left engine didn't work, switched planes, 15th in line to leave, etc.)... We were sooo ready to get home!!

I took some photos... Check em out!

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Kelly said...

You've recapped everything so well, I"m gonna be efficient (i.e. lazy) and point to YOUR blog! hehehe. Maybe you'll get some remnant traffic from the hundreds of people that found my blog while searching for "David Archuleta." I had lots of fun with you and the girls and miss you already!