Saturday, November 7, 2009

Today was my lucky day...

This afternoon I dropped off a pair of jeans at Nordstrom to be patched and just so happened to see a rack of premium denim on sale (I had no idea that stuff EVER went on sale - YAY!). I peaked over and saw the exact pair of jeans I purchased for FULL PRICE a few weeks ago (the blog post all about it). I asked the sales woman if they did price adjustments and she said "of course". I assumed I had to bring them in with my receipt but she said nope, they could look it up with my card right then. She took my card, swiped it and then suddenly I was credited back quite a large sum, large enough I could have almost bought a second pair - I was thrilled!!!

Thank you Nordstrom for being so amazingly awesome!

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Pam Miller said...

Yup, they are the best at customer service. They have bent over backwards for me, even over the most minor things.

Whenever I get great service I email Blake Nordstrom so he can let their manager know.