Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shopping Spree

Yesterday my friend Regina and I went to the DFS Closet Treasure Sale at the YWCA downtown and we both only found a scarve each. It was pretty busy and we just weren't in the mood to skower the racks... I had found a cute Banana Republic coat but a button was broken and a seam was coming out and it was listed for $30 - that was more than I wanted to spend for a coat I'd have to perform surgery on. Shoe wise I didn't see anything I needed but there were tons of women with arm loads of clothing and shoes. A definite success for some! I did enjoy the little breakfast of croissants, fruit and OJ. (There was more but those were my highlights)

After the sale we headed down to Nordstrom to try on designer jeans in preperation for the Jean Warehouse Sale that is coming at the end of the month... Our plan backfired as we both walked away with a brand new pair of fancy jeans. I can't say I am sad about it though because I'm excited about my new pair of Hudsons. Regina was thrilled with her new Citizens of Humanity.

After lunch we both went on our seperate ways yet my shopping trip continued... I headed to Northgate planning to just go "look" and kill some time before my movie date with myself. I had seen this pair of boots at Target of all places that were pretty cute and just $34.99. I headed over to Macy's to see what they had and honestly the Target ones were equally as cute and more than half the price. My oddest find was a maternity shirt I bought to wear as a dress - that may sound weird but it really is cute as a dress, I tried it on, I swear. One good thing about buying it was I was able to buy a small since I am in no way preggers. :) I do love Target as you can find some great pieces to mix in to your everyday attire and you'd never know they were from Target!

I headed back to the Northgate Mall and decided to wander a bit more. I found some cute leggings and tights and even bought a Christmas present for my sister-in-law. At about 7:50 I darted out (literally) and headed to the movies - saw "Whip It" - great movie!!

It was a good day!

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