Thursday, May 7, 2009

thaw Spring Fashion Show Recap

South of downtown, or SODO as it is fondly known as, at the Pacific Industrial Center, the 3rd annual thaw Spring fashion show was held. thaw is seattle's annual fashion show and fundraiser featuring several local independent designers. Proceeds from the evening benefit the Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA) to fund social services and research.

The evening started off with cocktails, appetizers and shopping from various vendors and sponsors. My mom (my partner in crime for this event) and I went and checked out the VIP room - there was another bar and a lot more food available (sushi, noodles, dessert, and so much more). In the main room there was krab ceviche', Via Tribunali pizza, Orient Express, a few bars and more...

The show was scheduled to begin at 8pm but didn't actually begin until about 8:45 or so. We were pretty anxious to get in so once the curtains open everyone rushed in to find their table or seats. (I was please with my seat right up against the runway - that helps when taking pictures!)

There was a live auction of several big ticket items, an emotional snipet of a documentary on Huntington's Disease and then the runway show began.

The designers featured were (not in this order):
The top 5 winners of Seattle Magazine’s 2009 Seamless in Seattle competition, Adam Arnold, Michael Cepress, Jill Lindsey, Karly Orr, Liza Rietz, Holly Stalder, Kate Towers, Liise Wyatt, Wyatt Orr, and handbags by Sabrina Love!

I fully enjoyed this show - there were many items shown that I would love to own! I wish I could say "this was my favorite item" but I don't know that I can pin point it down as there were atleast 10 or so pieces I want!!

Check out the images from the show!

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Adam said...

Unfortunately I was unable to attend this show as I was previously obligated in Portland that same evening. It is always interesting to see what people do with your clothes in your absence. First of all, I never intended the glen plaid pants and vest to be worn by a woman (although It works!) I just wish that they would have tucked that shirt in!!! Also, what's with the nasty sloppy way they dressed the male model? I would NEVER wear a tie like that! And I would have also tucked that shirt in, as I hate the idea of wearing a jacket with a shirt untucked. SEATTLE, YOUR PROVINCIALISM IS SHOWING!!

Adam Arnold