Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Covet Shoes (and Jewelry)

I started a new blog today that I plan to maintain just like this one!

I LOVE shoes!! Please check out the Shoe Coveter, my new shoe blog! I plan to stop people and photograph their shoes and ask some details about where they got them, how much they spent, etc...

What else should I ask?

I have a Jewelry Coveter too but haven't posted anything just yet - stay tuned!!

Yes, I am crazy!! That would be a total of 5 blogs I maintain - WHOA!!! This should be fun! I hope you tag along. :)

1 comment:

Birna said...

Tarah, five blogs!?! You are a little crazy, but they sure are fun to read! And I noticed your earrings at Clutch. They're the ones you have pictured on Jewelry Coveter, right? And speaking of shoes, what brand were those black patent ones you wore that night?