Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday is the Best Day... Sometimes

Today turned out to be a really nice sunny day here in Seattle. The weatherman had called for rain but thankfully he was wrong.

I started my day off with an hour long facial at Spa Noir, which I LOVED. Then I met up with Melissa at Shoefly which was just supposed to be a random quick stop but then I discovered their 70% off sale section and couldn't resist myself... I tried on a few duds but then found a cute brown heeled sandal that I had to have! The shoes were originally $116 but after the discount and tax they came to $38.33. SCORE!

Then Melissa and I headed over to Polite Society to check out what was left as they are closing (So sad!!). They have a few cute items still available but it was pretty picked over. I guess that is good for them though as that means a lot of merchandise has been sold. There were many pieces of antique furniture - a beautiful French desk caught my eye!

Then we hit Free People to see what they had. I've seen their clothing at Nordstrom but have yet to actually visit their shop. There were some nice items in there but their clothing felt a bit to young for me.

After all that shopping it was time for some bubble tea in the ID. We hopped a bus and headed on down there. As we were walking towards the tea place we noticed this crepe place we've had our eye on was open (it had been closed for renovations). We've talked about it for so long - today was the day!

I had the most delicious banana custard coco whipped crepe. It had bananas, whipped cream, custard and chocolate sauce. OMG it was sinful and sooooo yummy! I just kept telling myself it was low fat... We did still get bubble tea after we both had a crepe. The sugar rush has set in!

We said our goodbyes and headed our seperate ways. The day isn't over yet, but man, it was a good day!

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Allison Inside Out said...

Wow Tarah - what a fabulous sounding time! Crepes, Fashion, Facials and ScREAmin deals on shoes...oh, you are seriously speaking my language. I may start stalking you so I can get a life. ;-) Or, I'll just follow your blog...less creepy. LOL!