Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Weekend Recap

This weekend in Seattle consisted of the last 2 shows of Seattle Fashion Week. I did not attend the show on Friday night due to still recovering from this crazy bug I have, plus I wanted to spend some time with hubby. My fabulous intern, Youa, attended and will be recapping the show.

As you should know already I did attend Saturday nights show and there were some aspects of it that I enjoyed. I don't really get adding in musical performances but that's just me. It's nothing against the singers but I'm there to see a fashion show and it's hard enough to sit there for a long period of time so just adding singers in the mix just makes the show seem even longer. Some people may have loved it but I'd rather just see a runway show and then mingle after. It's just a personal preference... I don't attend alot of concerts to begin with so I may not be the best judge on that one. I'd love to know what other attendees thought.

Sorry, jumping ahead of myself here. Saturday morning started out with coffee and an interview with Seattle designer Jme (pronounced Jamie) of Salvationware. I will post that as soon as it's all ready - we chatted for quite awhile! :)

Later that day I went to local boutique, Curtsy Bella, to check out the Tarina Tarantino trunk show. I was amazed at their selection! Mary Jo, the owner, informed me that Tarina Tarantino jewelry is a hard client to get as she is very selective as to where her jewelry is sold. I wanted to pick something to wear to SFW that night but had a hard time deciding on just one piece so I ended up leaving with 4. (Thankfully, hubby doesn't read my blog!)

Curtsy Bella is a really adorable shop and I'm sad it took me this long to get over there. It's over by the U Village which I didn't even realize, I've been over that way 100 times, geesh I should pay more attention! I am hoping to go back and get the Barbie Cameo Tarina Tarantino collection next time (see picture above)... or maybe sending the hubby as a gift idea for moi! (Check out the photos I took of their selection)

Today involved no fashion what-so-ever... other than this blog post. I had hoped to go thrift store shopping this afternoon but by 2pm I was all out of steam. I went for my first run after being sick and managed to squeeze in 5 miles but it wasn't consistent running. I was wheezing a bit as my lungs are STILL not clear... Oh well, it was trying to be a nice day out so I figured I would get out and enjoy it... even if it was just with exercise. I will say thought that the best part of the day was wearing flip flops and no jacket! The 2nd best part of the day was dim sum and bubble tea with Melissa - I always enjoy that!

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