Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Couture Show at SFW

Tonight I attended the couture fashion show (which wrapped up Seattle Fashion Week) at the Fremont Studios. (To find out about the other shows, please check out Youa's blog!)

The show consisted of clothing by several local designers and one who flew all the way from the Philippians, Toni Galang. The designers featured were: Naomi B., Logan Neitzel, Toni Galang, Portia Monique, Dolores Gill, DJ Miguel Alvarado, Wai-Ching, and Blayne Walsh.

Toni's line started off the show.

There were some really beautiful but also interesting items on the runway. My favorite designer of the night was Naomi B. Her line was more along the lines of pieces I would wear (girly dresses as my neice Abby would say). She even seemed to channel Audrey Hepburn with a few of her dresses... or rather old school Givenchy. I loved her segment!

Seattle designer Chrissy Wai-Ching's line also lit up the runway with some stunning dresses, I took extra pictures of the ones I liked. She has a fun way of draping fabric, especially in the back. She used to use penny's in some of her dresses but I couldn't tell if she was still doing that from where I was standing. She has such a distinct style that really works for her.

Blayne Walsh, of Project Runway fame, finished the show with his "Indian/vampire" line (his words, not mine). His segment opened up with some Native American/ballet style dance routine. He used a lot of black and neon yellow with a few red items in towards the end. Check out the photos and let me know what you think of his collection. I wonder what Michael Kors would say... (Maybe he should always wear a W.W.M.K.S bracelet.).

Check out my photos to see exactly how the evening went...

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