Thursday, April 16, 2009

Swapin' with Girl Power Hour

Tonight Urban Fashion Network hosted an accessories swap at the Girl Power Hour "Recessionista" event held at Alchemy Collections.

What is an accessories swap you ask, well, let me tell you! Here are the rules:

Step 1: Please bring between 1-5 accessories (jewelry, scarves, purses, etc) for the swap valued between $25-$50, please make sure they are items you are ok with parting with. We also ask that they be items that you think others would like as well, noone wants to get stuck with the dud item.

Step 2: Once you arrive please drop off your item or items off to the swap area and write your name on a piece of paper. If you brought more than 1 item you will need to write your name down several times on seperate sheets of paper and drop them in the bowl.

Step 3: When your name is called it will be your turn to "Shop the Swap". If you brought more than 1 item your name will be called several times throughout the event so make sure to listen for it. Fairness is key!

Step 4: This is meant to be a fun way to get rid of some items you aren't using anymore in exchange for something new! Once you have done your swapping feel free to share what you have found with the other woman at the swap! It's a great conversation starter and promotes networking! Happy Swapping!

I actually swapped some items as well (I brought some of my jewelry). I scored a beautiful rhinestone necklace that has a vintage look to it and some ADORABLE peep toe red Chinese Laundry shoes for my friend Regina. A lot of ladies wanted them (me included) but thet weren't our size. Lucky Regina!!

GPH founders, Darnell and Samantha, do an amazing job putting on these events. We all learned that Sam will be moving to Madagascar to join her fiance' travel the world. She said she finally found the "man of her dreams" and apparently they were high school sweethearts who reconnected.

She has a lovely story but you can ask her for that next time you see her. Her last GPH will be next month so make sure you attend so you can say your farewells. If you haven't met here then attend so you can atleast have the opportunity t o meet her before she moves away.

Best of luck to you Samantha, it sounds like you have an amazing journey ahead of you!

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