Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not a Typical Wednesday Night...

If only all Wednesday nights could be this fun! Tonight was an FGI networking event held at the 24/7 staffing agency (they have an amazing space and are always so kind to us!) where local student designer, Tera Bacon showcased 7 of her designs.

The night started out with Tera being introduced and a mini Q&A with Janaea and Susan of Beauty Revolution Magazine. One interesting fact I learned that not only is Tera a designer but she also works in construction. She is multi faceted!

Tera's models came out wearing 3 beautiful dresses! I didn't take notes on how they were constructed as I was taking videos but I do remember that she said she liked to use vintage pieces she finds in her creations. The red dress was the dress she created for Project Red Dress. (Watch the videos!*)

After the fashion show ended the networking began, along with enjoying cupcakes by Wink and drinking wine. I got the opportunity to chat with several women who I have been communicating with via email - putting a face to a name makes all the difference!

Nina Ummel, the owner of Ummelina, invited us over to do a tour of her day spa and treated us all to some delicious tea created there at the tea spa. I have personally been to the day spa many times and know that it is a wonderfully relaxing experience. (They have a fantastic couples package called the Pacific Rim that I highly recommend!)

The night was a wonderful success and completely planned by FGI board member, Courtney of Half Past Lavish Events. Great job girl!! (insert standing ovation here.) ;)

If you weren't able to attend this event, don't fret, we will be having many more and I'll mke sure to notify you here and here. Hope to see you soon!

Here are some of the pictures I took at the event.

*The videos were taken on my camera so the quality and sound are not greatest. You'll get the general idea though. It's like you were there but forgot to wear your glasses and your ears are a bit plugged up. :)

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