Thursday, December 11, 2008

Funny for the Day

I just got an email from Galactic Boutique in Capitol Hill today with this image that made me laugh (it doesn't take much, people).

If you're not familiar with them they are a shop that sells really eclectic items. Here is how they describe themselves: "Located between Downtown Seattle and Its Glamorous Capitol Hill shopping district, the GALACTIC BOUTIQUE: STORE AND GALLERY is a fully armed and operational intergalactic shopping experience serving the many faces of modern design: from Retro-kitcsh and Space-ship-chic all the way to the Global Underground. Create luxurious interiors with scented candles, romantic votives, and synthetic botanicals. Organize your home with space-saving furniture and colorful kitchenware. Host a sexy party with sleek barware and dinnerware. Cover your walls with a variety of affordable art. Treat yourself to a spa experience with handmade bath and body care form massage oils to sugar scrubs. Dress yourself up in future urban fashion with t-shirts, skirts, panties and wallets made by independent designers from all over the Galaxy."

It's a fun shop to look around and you'll surely find something that will make you giggle or you'll find that "I just have to get this for (fill in name here)". ;)

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Anonymous said...

Nice post to go....Seem to be a lotta things happenin around here... I would like "Harley Davidson Saunter 13 shoes" Harley Davidson Saunter 13 shoes rather.. I have ordered some and awaiting it's arrival...
Will post on it as soon as it arrives... Lol