Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Crazy Busy Weekend...

Well I hope you all had a nice Labor Day weekend! I spent my weekend doing numerous things!

Friday, as you know, I attended the Imagine fashion show at IADT. You can check out all the info on that and the images just by scrolling down the page to the blog after this one.

Saturday I tried a new spa in Kirkland called Ambrosia Med Spa and had one of THE BEST facials I have ever had. They even put makeup on me once it was over so I didn't have to attend the Cougar football game all shiny. Plus, they don't accept tips for their services!! Well, as you now know, I went to the WSU vs. OSU college football game with hubby and in-laws after my facial. WSU lost but it was a fun game - the sun even came out for us. Then we spent the rest of the day relaxing and I watched Michael Clayton on DVD.

Sunday I went with my boot camp gals to do a free yoga class in lower Queen Anne - I got my butt kicked in that class. It was pretty hard but definitely a great workout! After yoga Melissa and I went and had lunch at Bamboo Garden, then she dropped me off at home so I could clean up to then turn around and meet her downtown for a little boutique perusing and then a movie.

I jumped on a bus downtown and we headed over to Polite Society, Alhambra, Powder Room, Ian, Fancy, La Rue (it was closed), Sway & Cake and then TBC. All that perusing and I bought nothing. I was so proud of myself!! "Pineapple Express" was the movie we saw and it sure was funny. If you like that humor. :) (Dad, you wouldn't like this movie.) Then, it was back home on the bus just in time to relax a bit and then fall fast asleep...

Monday was Bumbershoot (A Seattle music festival) for me. It was going on all weekend but we decided on Monday. This was my first time ever. Regina, Melissa and myself wandered around for quite sometime visiting some vendor pals, watching some random performance art shows, saw 5 minutes of some band and then finally settled on the ballet. I'm not a big music festival type of person but I am glad I went. It was alot of fun to people watch.

The highlight of the festival for me though was the Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) - they did 9 dances to 9 Sinatra songs, then had a quick pause, did another show, another pause and then the guys all did a quick show. I loved it but then again I love going to the ballet! Here is a quick little snippet of what they did.

How was your holiday weekend? What did you end up doing? :)

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