Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The 411 on the H&M Shindig

So the party was PACKED! We decided that H&M stood for Hot & Muggy but that's not their fault. It was a warm night and there were lots of hot bodies meandering around the store. (I'm very glad I went - it was sooooo worth it!)

We got there when the doors opened at 7pm which meant we didn't have to wait in long lines to try on clothes. that basically means I got my shopping out of the way pretty quickly. I bough all tops and they are all very cute!

DJ Samantha Ronson was doing her thing - she mainly kept to herself and would speak to folks if spoken to. She kept her head down and texted here are there on her cell phone. I decided to just ask her if she minded if I took her picture as she is probably annoyed by all the paparazzi attention she gets in regards to Lindsay. When I asked if she minded I take her picture she said not at all and then went back to what she was doing. When I took the picture she looked up and gave me the peace sign.

I chatted with a few folks I knew and then Regina and I decided it was time to split. But wait, as we were all ready to leave - Blayne showed up (Yes, he is still super tan)! I got up the nerve and went over and asked for a photo, he said sure. Regina took it so I could be in it. ;) I told him I was sorry he was off Project Runway, he said "I'm not". Then I asked if he was back in town and he said "For a little while longer". Then I said "welcome back!" He said "thanks!" and that was that. Pretty short but to the point.

The party was definitely entertaining and like I said PACKED - there were free cocktails and appetizers being passed around. The store has alot of cute Fall clothing, definitely worth a visit. They officially open on September 18th. Happy shopping!!

Check out the pictures from the party.


Joanne said...

The event was great - it was so ironic that I wasn't on the list! I wasn't planning on buying anything but ended up buying two dresses and three tops. Because I was having so much fun socializing, I didn't try them on and now have to go back to get the right sizes! Loved Samantha Ronson and I am glad to hear that she was cool. Wish I could have experienced more of the food but that I did try was wonderful. See you soon at another fashion event!

Tarah said...

Thanks so much Joanne for the info, I wouldn't have been there had it not been for you!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! There's a fabulous one of me looking positively evil. I want it framed.

-Anna K., Consulate of Sweden

Tarah said...

Oh no! Which picture has you looking evil? I can send you the large version if you really want it framed. ;)

Anna K. said...

It's number 11. When you zoom in you can see the evil pouring forth from my eyes. And actually yes, I'd love the larger version! So funny. Thank you Tarah!

Tarah said...

HAHA! email me at tarah@urbanfashionnetwork.com and I'll email you the large version. :)