Sunday, August 24, 2008

Party Wrap-up

Birna and I

So, the party planning is all over and I can breathe a sign of relief. I am so thankful to all of the UFN supporters who showed up. I had a great time mingling and chatting with you all, I hope you did as well. I tried to talk to everyone so hopefully I didn't miss anyone.

The raffle was quite a success, I even won an item!!

I wanted to reiterate my thank yous to everyone who made the party happen:

A Very Special Thank You:
David Leong of Karma
Courtney Russell of Half Past Lavish Events
DJ Darnell Sue and Girl Power Hour
Goodwill and the Glitter Gala
Kimberly Arrington of Clutch
Kim Flanery-Rye and Drea Hildebrandt of Bouncing Wall
Kimberly Van Dyke of Stir Boutique
Alison Brownrigg of NWSource
Jeff Perini
Jeff of Senoj Estates
Seattle Picks
Jen Lowen
Tim Reha
Brent Van Wieringen

Plus, all the wonderful designers and sponsors who donated items for the gift bags and raffle.
Dean Zulich
Coop’s Candles
Anna Perrone Jewelry
Red Delicious Handbags
La Rousse
Bunny’s Bath
Sabrina Love Handbags
Gabrielle Renee Jewelry
Birna Jewelry
Crave Party
Revival Ink
Greenfire Candles
Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria
Woodland Park Zoo
D-List Magazine
Dry Soda

We should have pictures soon - I'll post them when they are ready!

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