Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nordstrom Designer Preview 2008

Tonight was the Nordstrom Designer Preview at Pier 30 put on by Nordstrom and SAM. We were invited to attend as the media so we could take pictures and tell all of our loyal readers all about the beautiful clothing, and people, we saw! It was my first time to this event and I must say it was much more than I expected it to be. They went all out. The food, the drinks (white cranberry tini was the signature drink), the clothing, the desserts, the gift...

It was a really fun night of noshing and fashion. I have never wanted to spend so much money in one place, but I forced myself to refrain and focus on taking pictures and soaking it all in so I could share it with you all.

Dawn has the more detailed blog on the actual runway show since I was busy taking photos and she took the clothing notes. I appologize in advance that my photos aren't as great as I would have liked, I wasn't right up on the runway this time. I'm working on getting a professional camera. ;)

One quote of the evening when I asked a group of women if I could take their picture for the site "That's not a professional camera." Urghhh, I know... It still takes great pictures though and their picture turned out lovely. I digress... My pictures will give you an idea of how great the Fall is going to be, you can always head to Nordy's to see the real deal, and I recommend that as the Versace line didn't even come across half as bold and beautiful as it really is. I love getting inspiration for other designers, I suggest you do the same.

Enjoy!! And now, here are the pictures. Feel free to leave comments and let us know what you think. Check out Dawn's blog for a more detailed account of the event and runway show.

Here is a video of the Donna Karen runway portion:

Thanks Kendall for the invite, we had a lovely time!


Amanda said...

It sounds like you had a blast. I'm jealous! I didn't know how to contact you directly, so I you don't mind me commenting on your blog. I wanted to share some info with you about Toyota's "If Looks Could Kill" series since you're so into fashion. The main character always steps out wearing some of the hottest outfits and accessories.

The webisodes follow an aspiring fashion assistant, Bianca Turner (played by Femi Emiola, Wicked Wicked Games), who is a prime example of a woman who’s got it going on. I’m talking the dream job, a man who’s got all the ladies drooling, and the spice to keep it all together when hell hits the fan. Think James Bond meets Sanaa Lathan in “Something New”, Bianca is the girl who isn’t afraid to run in her Louboutin heels!


The last episode-The Sell Out- has been available since 7/21, but it's not too late to catch up and tune in. I work with Toyota, so take my word for it.
I'm sure that you will be reeled in, so don't be surprised when you are. Also, don't forget to hit me up with the scoop on your thoughts, or comments from others, about the webisodes.

Looking forward to the girl talk!

Amanda Clouden
ILCK Ambassador

Emily said...

Wow!! Really, Beautiful dresses offered by Nordstrom... Love them...