Friday, July 25, 2008

Be Jeweled Was Fabulous!

Three local designer friends, Birna, Xenia and Erin, sent out invites to an event called Be Jeweled. I have heard of it before but had never been able to make it. This time I was determined to go.

It was held at the Lake Union Crew so I was also excited to check that place out. We, Regina, Melissa and myself, arrived around 7pm and were overwelmed, in a good way, by everything. There were 9 jewelry designers along with an artist, wine tasting (it was a 21 and over event), snacks and two women giving out yummy chocolate samples.

We stopped by Birna's table first and instantly Melissa and Regina made a purchase. It's hard not to as Birna makes beautiful jewelry (I have my eye on this heart and ruby ring she makes).

We made our way around the room and were in just awe of all the pretty things. It was hard to contain myself. I took alot of pictures of the jewelry, the designers, all the people shopping... I would say this is a very successful event. It was really tough to try and get in to talk to our friends as they were so busy selling and I didn't want to interrupt. ;) If you didn't go this year, I suggest you go next time!

Enjoy the pictures!

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Anonymous said...

speaking of urban clothing, i was walking in the villlage the other day and passed a really cool looking store called house de looked like they had some really awesome jeans!!