Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Gettin' Hot Up In Here....

Wow, what a weekend we had here in Seattle. It was really warm and humid. We've had a pretty slow start to our Summer so it was a nice change of pace. I welcome the warmth... now the humidity is another story. My house was like a furnace. We had to hang out in the basement to stay cool. Thankfully the basement is finished and is our TV/game room.

I had a rather enjoyable weekend. Friday night Jeff and I went to Neumos to see Eric Hutchinson perform. I heard about his from Perez Hilton several months back and loved his music so I bought his CD from iTunes. When I saw he was coming I bought tickets and drug Jeff out with me... Jeff got into it and said he enjoyed the guy. We stuck around for awhile when Marie Digby was performing and we got to talk with Eric briefly. We basically just told him we enjoyed the show and I actually said "I think you may be the next John Mayer to me." (I feel soooo guilty writing that right now... SORRY JOHN! You're still my #1.) He laughed and Jeff goes "Wow, that's a big deal". Eric then asked where I had heard about him and embarrassed I said "I hate to admit it but Perez Hilton". He was a funny guy, we enjoyed meeting him and I would definitelly see him again. (the picture was taken with my cell phone from the 21 and over area, hence why it's not so great... I didn't want to get a pict with Eric with my phone, that seemed lame... we opted to just chat with him and he signed a poster promoting the show instead.)

We wandered around Capitol Hill for awhile as there were Pride Week festivities going on. Then we headed to Capitol Club to see a few folks from work who were celebrating a b'day.

Saturday I had a jewelry show in Ballard. Sadly, it didn't go well for me, I sold nuthin'... Plus it was so nice out it was killing me to sit indoors. I think my new rule is going to be no indoor shows during Summer months. Marlo from Etsy Rain did a great join organizing the event. I think the weather just wasn't helping us any... people wanna be enjoying the sun and not shopping. Oh well, it was worth a try.

After the show, I rushed home to get dressed for Regina's B'day - 80's Party. I got decked out in leggings, old school Adidas, short ruffled skirt, leg warmers, hot pink tank top with inside out turquoise sweatshirt (which I cut to make cropped and hang off my shoulders), big jewelry (which I made while sitting at the show during the day), and lots of hair spray!! Jeff dressed up like his idol, Magnum P.I. He looked hot!

Sunday was a lazy day for the most part... I wasn't feeling fabulous when I woke up due to Ms. Regina's b'day... Quatro (or cinco) margaritas = uno headache. Urghhh!

Later that day I had a hair appointment at Seven Salon - the follow up to my first appointment last week, this time we did the color. Let me just say this first - Love the cut, love the color, HATE the price... It was by far the most expensive my hair has EVER cost me (mind you I JUST got my hair colored this trip). I don't think I can continue that and feel ok about it. I typically tip at least 20% but hell once I reached $200 I just couldn't give anymore. I don't know what to do... I LOVE what she did to my hair but I don't want to spend that much every time. It's not like I'm going to see Ken Paves! What does he charge for cut and color?!

Sorry Seven, you're totally great... but I have to think more about this...

UPDATE: I looked up Ken Pave's prices and they are, of course, way higher! Haircut $125+, base color $95+ (blow dry is extra $45), full highlights $225+, etc... For the record, my hairdo would have been (at the low end of each service in LA) $415. If I went to Michigan (he has a salon there too) the price would be lower than what I paid at Seven. Hmmm....

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