Thursday, June 26, 2008

Boho Fashion Show in Capitol Hill

Tonight I attended the Boho Fashion Show at The Sole Repair Shop in Capitol Hill. The fashion show started at about 8pm and they had 13 local designers partaking in the event.

I really enjoyed most all of the clothing - there were some really creative pieces. A few of my favorites items (I linked you to the item) came from designers Kelsey Colliander, Brooke Bennett and Lady Konnyaku. Sharon Anderson had a really creative and daring grey and pink striped dress that I loved. It's the kind of dress I would buy, want to wear but then never get up the nerve to wear it. She really designs clothing for the woman who likes to be adventurous!

If I took notes properly the show went in this order:

Oscar Milano
Christine Ramsey
Summer Godfrey
Kelsey Colliander
Brooke Bennett
Jesse Iness
~ Intermission ~
Nicole Hood
Lady Konnyaku
Monica Kitchen
Sharron Anderson
Odessa Christiana
Jamie Mercer
Nicole Martin

To view my pictures from the show please go here.

All in all it was a great event and I enjoyed seeing all of the different styles!

Thanks to Courtney from Half Past Lavish Event Production for the press passes!


Anonymous said...

Very nice Blog! Found you thru Blogging Project Runway! Kenneth

Kelsey said...

Thanks for mentioning my designs in your blog! Glad you liked them :)

Anonymous said...

It was a great show! I had a blast Emceeing the event! Half Past Lavish is great!