Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vera Wang Dresses!! sent me an email today about Vera Wang Dresses and how they are "Up to 40% Off". I just had to go look as I have this Kate Spade-like obsession with Vera Wang. I don't own any clothing from her, but a friend of mine did give me Vera Wang lingerie when I got married because, as she put it, "every girl needs Vera Wang!" (Thanks K!) I've added an image of one dress that I thought was adorable - plus it's 51% off! Ohhh Ahhh!

So anyways, I headed on over to bluefly to see what they had and it appears that Vera Wang was the headliner of the email but in fact many designers have dresses up to 40% off. Here, see for yourself!

I don't know what it is about Vera Wang but I do love her dresses. I wish I could have had a VW dress at my wedding but oddly enough when it came down to my actual wedding I wasn't as into the whole idea of the dress as I had dreamed I would be. I tried on many dresses at one place and once I found it, I found it. I didn't spend more than $500 and I loved my dress. No label, just a dress that worked well for my body and I was able to add a touch of pink, my favorite color... My friend, Jenny, found the dress for me and when I first looked at it I was like "eh, it's ok". It had this hideous flower on it but she reminded me it could be removed. She insisted I try it on. Thank God she did, because as soon as I did we all said "It's the one!!" One thing I wish I would have done was to go to many places and try on the high end expensive dresses for fun!! I got married in Hawaii, so buying an easy dress was on my mind. I had to carry that sucker on the plane so a big dress would have been a pain. (Sorry, that was such a random tale to tell you all.)

The whole point of this whole post was to share with you the % going on at bluefly... Go shop!!

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