Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gas Masks, Stilettos and Designer Jeans

Tonight was the SPU Fashion Show, Gas Masks, Stilettos and Designer Jeans.

It was proposed by it's creator, Heather Cozad, to be "a story that reflects our history, our present, our future. Fashion is a visual aesthetic and a tool of communication. Fashion influences us and yet, it is a product of us. It has the ability to open our eyes or blind us. Inspire benevolence or violence. How can fragile threads hold so much power over us?"

The fashion show was broken down into four parts:
Fashion as Military Power
Fashion as Environment
Fashion as Cultural and Religious
Fashion as Social Justice

The Fashion Group at SPU obviously put a lot of hard work into the show. My two favorite pieces were in the Fashion as Environment. I believe the designers are Laura Hendrie and Emily Bajemabut sadly I was to busy taking pictures and not taking notes (That is not an easy task as fashion shows are way to fast to do both, it's a 2 person job. Sorry. If I am incorrect, please let me know so I can correct my mistake.) I loved those two dresses, I'd wear either!! They are made out of sustainable materials which makes them even more appealing.

I found the show, the models, the clothes, and the music to all flow really well. The message of the show was clear. I really hope to be seeing more of these creative designers out there in the real world. Best of luck to you all!

I took several pictures, check them out!

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