Friday, May 30, 2008

My Weekend Agenda... if you care.

I don't typically say "Hey this is what I'll be doing" for all the world to see but there are two events that UFN will be covering this weekend and I hope to see you, the world, there! (Please, no stalkers.)

Saturday I'll be attending and selling jewelry at the Gas Masks, Stilettos, and Designer Jeans: A story of fashion and our lives fashion event at Seattle Pacific University. I'll be taking pictures and doing a write-up about the event after it's over. Sorry no live coverage... I'm just not setup for all that. I'm not CNN people! ;)

Then on Sunday I'll be seeing Sex and the City in the morning (Yes, I HAD to mention that as it's an important fact to my weekend) and then attending and covering the CRAVE Spring Market Party. I'll also have a little write-up and pictures to share with you all after it happens. (See above CNN comments...)

Alrighty then, I'll be seein' ya!! Have a great weekend!!

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