Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spring Fling... Boot Camp... Jewelry... Life!

Friends keep asking me "So, what's new?" and I don't want to let them down with boring stories of me laying on my couch watching The Office. So, this is what I came up with:

We had the FGI Spring Fling event last Thursday and that turned out to be a lot of fun. We had a pretty good turnout and some amazing vendors!! I met some new fabulous people and did a lot of networking. I had my jewelry setup but sadly sold NADA... I was to busy walking around to even bother with it... I have to find that good balance where I can do both. I hate being stuck behind the table.

For Saturday mornings I started a boot camp with some friends. I was inspired after going with my friend, Jen, to her butt-kicking bridal boot camp. I don't really have the extra money right now to pay someone to tell me what to do but I figured if I get some friends together we can do it all by ourselves. I took the one routine we did at the bridal boot camp and had the girls do exactly that around Greenlake. We had 7 people show up so it was perfect!! We ran, we lunged, we did stairs, we did push ups, we did sit ups, we laughed, we cried... OK, no one cried... I like the aspect of socializing while exercising!! We're going to switch up the leader each week so I don't become "queen bitch" of boot camp, or Sissy Camp as it was coined. (when the girls started moaning about some of the things we were gonna do I said "This is boot camp, not sissy camp!". They liked that name better. HA!) Regina is in charge of next weeks boot camp - location TBD. Can't wait!!

The rest of the week, sofar, has been pretty low key (other than this HUGE Neighborhoods project I have been working on at my day job). I have started making more jewelry as it's just time to do an overhaul on my site and make some new designs. I stopped by my favorite bead store wanting a few items and walked out with tons of items, plus some inspiration!! I want to do more chain work, but man, sterling silver has really gotten to be pricey. Thank God I don't do much work in Gold!! (The picture of the Schnauzer is one of my pieces but not one of the new ones I've been working on, pictures haven't been taken yet...)

The rest of this week will include the following highlights: Massage, coffee with a new friend, dentist (ughhh!), possible attendance at a fashion show, being being part of a library fashion panel, boot camp, seeing friends, time with hubby and enjoying the supposed 90 degree weather we'll be having in Seattle! I guess my life isn't as boring as I think... I try and whoop it up, some!

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