Monday, May 19, 2008

Welcome warm weather!

This weekend was so amazing here in Seattle. I don't know if it ever got up to 90 degrees or not but I know it was close. The sun was shining, the breeze was warm and everyone was out trying to enjoy it!

I started my weekend off with boot camp down at Golden Gardens. We sweated and worked out hard! I had the library panel discussion to attend at 2pm. I met some great new contacts and hopefully I helped shape some young minds. ;) Apparently the library will be doing more of these events covering different career paths. Such a great idea and I'll promote them on here so you'll all know (all 2 of you... Dad and Jen, I know you two read my blog! Thanks!! HAHA)

After the library, I hoped the bus home and was forced to relax in the basement b/c our house was so hot. For those of you not living in the Northwest you may or may not know this, but most houses do not have A/C. We don't tend to need it as it's not a humid place to live. Opening the windows tends to do the job as we always have a soft breeze off the water. Saturday supplied a breeze but it was warm and my house was even warmer. The basement was so cool though that I laid on the couch down there and tried to cool off and relax. I made some jewelry as well. (I'll be updating my site with TONS of new items soon!)

That night I had dinner plans with 2 friends. We headed over to Kirkland to see what we could find. One thing new I discovered about Kirkland is they have more boutiques than I thought... I need to go over there and check them out!

If you are curious as to what boutiques are on the Eastside we have several listed here!!

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