Monday, May 5, 2008

Deal of the century!

Sunday was a beautiful day in Seattle. I actually got a tiny sunburn sitting in my backyard - whoohoo! I had a bridal shower to attend in the afternoon (it was a great time Jen, congrats!). The shower was really lovely, yummy food, great sparkling wine and amazing company!

After the shower I headed to Buffalo Exchange in the U District to try and sell some old clothes. Out with the old in with the new! I dropped off my giant suitcase full of stuff and decided to shop around the store. Thank God I did b/c I found some amazing items!

A few weeks ago at the SPU Sample Sale, the guys from Sameunderneath had mentioned they dropped off some last season items at Buffalo Exchange. I love their stuff and was thrilled to actually find many of the items they dropped off. They still had the original tags on them and have never been worn. Great thing about their clothes, they are classics and don't go out of style. So I bought 5, which were all under $20! Then as I wandered around some more, I found a beautiful pair of green Kate Spade strappy green giraffe print heels for $36. YES, $36!!! Then I found a pair of brand new brown/green Ferragamo Italian leather sandals for $30. Score!!!

I took my items up to the register and put the $82 credit I got for selling my clothes towards my new purchases. Then to my surprise both pairs of shoes were an additional 50% off. $15 Kate Spade shoes - WHAT!? So crazy yet so exciting!! It was a great day!

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