Sunday, December 2, 2007

Oh, what a weekend...

My weekend was wonderful! I didn't have to really work on Friday due to my departments holiday party at Jillian's. It was nice having the day free after the party ended at 3pm-ish. I just went home and made flyer's and tea cup signs for the models for the Saturday show...

Saturday day, Regina and I headed down to the Urban Craft Uprising. Dawn and her family showed up to shop as well. We stopped by and said hello to some of our vendor friends (Tara, Erica, Marlo, Sam, Gunlis...) I bought several Christmas gifts and even a few items for myself. The show has 200 vendors so it's easy to find something for everyone!

Regina the reindeerSaturday night was the Defmode Midnight Market that UFN has been helping with... Several folks were worried no one show up due to the snow. (Oh yeah, did I mention it started snowing?) Thankfully the snow fall didn't hinder the party being a success. I can only speak for myself but I had a great time, I will assume that Regina did as well (I'm sure she'll blog about it too)! I met so many cool new people (Tim, DJ Snax (AKA Matt), Brad, Karl, Michael, Wesley, David, Gwen, Susan, Rachael, etc... I wish I could name them all, there were just to many of them - they all rocked!!). I was worried I would be exhausted by 2am since I tend to hit the hay by midnight... I survived!

Philo of LiministThe evening was packed full of vendors selling, patrons shopping, partying, art work, drinking, DJ's spinning tunes, a fashion show, the infamous photo booth, and lots of fun.

We, of course, had several pictures taken from, which should be up on their site soon. I can't wait to see them as we had some pretty funny one's taken with lots of people!

I added some pictures from Defmode, check them out.

This morning I woke up (it was quite a struggle, I tell ya what...) and headed to Shilshole Bay Beach Club for the Ladies Who Launch Holiday Show. The show went pretty well considering the dreary weather. I sold a few items and did some valuable networking, which is always a nice thing! Here are the photos from that show!

Hope you had a good weekend too - what did you end up doing?

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