Monday, December 3, 2007

Rain rain go away...

It's been raining like crazy around here - bridges are collapsing, streets flooded, a section of the interstate is closed... It's crazy. Yeah, we get rain here but not like this...

I own a pair of plain ole blue galoshes (army/navy surplus thank you very much) that I have for going to the dog park. Today they served a higher purpose. Everyone should own a pair - they are great for rainy days.

I went on a search for cute boots and here is what I found:
ROXY PUDDLES BOOTS - "Jump in! The waterproof rain boot is fine. You'll wish you lived in Seattle once you get a hold of these rubber galoshes, featuring a silver metal buckle accent and an all- over print." On sale for $34.99 (I love how they put Seattle in the description of their boots, maybe this will set them straight.)

Target has a huge selection of really cute rainboots on their site. They seem to be about $19.99 but there were a few in the $18.99 range too.

Ok, I'm not one to talk about kids items but these were to cute to pass up... MARY JANE BOOTS $28.00 (on sale for $19.98) "Does your little girl refuse to take off her shiny patent Mary Janes - even when it's raining? These rubber Mary Jane galoshes are just the footwear for her. Even on the rainiest of dress-up days, she can splash in puddles all day long with no warnings about ruining her party shoes. The shiny black rubber Mary Janes are available with pink or white "tights."" I wish these came in my size!!! Ok, maybe not really.

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jayhawkfreak2003 said...

Are you saying that those ugly little mary jane thingys are ugly nice way to sell them