Thursday, November 29, 2007

5 money saving tips from the Today Show

I watch the Today Show every morning while getting ready and this morning they had a 5 surprising bargain-hunting tips segment. I found it very helpful so I wanted to pass the info on just in case you aren't a Today Show junkie such as myself...

I'll give you the quick rundown:
FruCall (, 888-DO-FRUCALL)
Use your cell phone for a quick price check. Say you're in a store looking at a big-screen TV and the salesperson is offering what seems like a can't pass-it-up deal. You could step outside, punch up a shopping-comparison site on your cell phone, and check to see if you can get the TV for a lower price elsewhere. FruCall can look up the price of the product you're looking at and let you know if it's cheaper anywhere else. All you need is the product name, the model number, or its bar code/UPC number. Contact the toll-free number (888-DO-FRUCALL) and enter a product's 12-digit bar code. There is no sign-up fee, and there is no monthly fee.

Online coupon codes
As I have said before, go to google and type in the stores name and coupon code/promotional code/coupon... Sometimes you have to try a few variations to find what you need. A few sites that were suggested were:
* is nicely organized.
* has a huge number of retailers.
* has a busy message board where members post codes they have found.
* clues you in to rebates and freebies.

The Freecycle Network™ (
This looks worth a shot, you can find and get rid of items... Kind of like a craigslist I guess.

Out-of-order hotel rooms
Basically a room that the hotel isn't using due to a broken lamp, TV isn't working, stain... I don't know if I would do this one.. Maybe for a broke lamp but if there was no hot water... I guess it couldn't hurt to ask.

Dynamic pricing
"In order to take advantage of dynamic pricing and get the best possible deal, do multiple searches on several price-comparison sites in different browsers (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) and even on separate computers to check if prices vary. You can also clear out cookies from your Web browser to cover up those electronic footprints."

If you have any other tips worth sharing let me know and I'll add them to the list!!

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