Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sweaters Anyone? (oh and some sales...)

I believe I am a reformed sweater lover... I used to hate sweaters b/c alot of them are shapeless and super scratchy... However, they seem to be getting better and I actually purchased two this month (Old Navy has some cute selections and their reasonable). Two may not seem like alot but it is when you NEVER buy sweaters.

I am loving the short sleeve sweater with a long sleeve turtle neck shirt look... So cute!

The point of this email is to share with you an offer I saw today in my email inbox. Victoria's Secret is known for lingerie but they do have cute sweaters on their site! It just so happens that for 4 days you get 25% off any sweater on their site... (I sure do wish they paid me to say this stuff!)

So anyways, if you're looking for sweaters and wanna save some moolah head on over to VS! Enter offer code WARM25 at checkout. The price of your sweater will be adjusted after offer code is applied. Discount valid on one sweater per order. Offer is valid through December 1, 2007.

A few other sale emails I received: Barney's, Saks, Bluefly, ArdenB, and Spiegel... It pays to sign up for newsletters people!!

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