Monday, November 26, 2007

Hip Hop Hoodies?

One thing lately in fashion that really perplexes me is the hip hop hoodie. I just don't get it... I have yet to see one that I like even just a little bit. I don't get the repetitive patterns of large cartoony diamonds, skulls, chains, etc. Obviously there is nothing wrong with people liking these jackets but I just don't get it. (Trust me when I say I love hoodies!!)

Hip hop has always had a style of it's own and that's cool but I've been seeing these hoodies popping up on guys (and some gals) everywhere. I am a designer by day and I know that if I had come up with a design like some of these coats I would have been sent back to my desk to try again.

However, if this is your style and you just can't get enough of them then here are a few sites you may like: Urban Shop, Club Urban and Dr. Jay's.

Side Note: I was looking for some examples of hoodies I actually like and realized Delia's even has some of these hip hop hoodies... Crazy, I couldn't even find a good example of one I would wear... I guess the hip hop hoodie look just isn't for me... at all...

Right now my favorite hoodie came from Sameunderneath in Portland, it's made of super soft bamboo! It's black and has some stitching detail on the back. I think this is it but it's not the best picture.

Where did this hip hop hoodie trend originate from? I'm curious.

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