Sunday, November 25, 2007

No more turkey for me...

Thanksgiving is officially over... your neighbors (maybe even you) are probably putting up their trees and lights which just means that Christmas will be here before you know it.

My Thanksgiving was really good, hubby and I had some friends over to celebrate the day. We lounged (alot), cooked, ate (alot), drank and socialized... I've been eating leftovers since Thursday. I'm ready for the fridge to have non turkey day food in it... I really am. No more turkey, no more ham, no more green bean casserole... you get the idea. I long for pasta, salad, pad thai, sushi, even pizza... (not all at once of course, I'm not a pig people! geesh!)

So anyways, starting a new topic now. I Heart Indie Holidays was on Saturday. Regina and I went down to the Seattle Center to check it out. I figured we would know alot of the designers but I must say I was pleasantly surprised as we only knew two. It was cool to meet some new designers in the area. We love all the designers we have met sofar but who knew there were even more out there. The show had a great variety of items, the designers were well selected, it seemed to me to be a good shopping experience. Well done Cassandra!

After the show I headed home and updated the site with some of the new designers we met. (Check out the site for lots of new designers). One use we'd like to see the site used for is for consumers. Our vision is you would be thinking "Man I sure do want a cool necklace for my holiday party" so then you head on over to the site and go to the jewelry designers page, scan down the page looking at the thumbnail images (for ideas) and then you see one (or ten) that catch you eye. From there you visit the designers website and buy from them. See, easy peasy! Of course we have several designers sections to choose from: Accessories, Art, Beauty, Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing, Jewelry, and Handbags.

I also have a confession to make... I am addicted to the ABC Family Channel and their corny movies... Today I watched Three Days with Kristin Davis, Christmas Do-over with Jay Mohr, and Christmas Caper with Shannon Doherty... OH and I haven't brushed my teeth all day (to be fair I never left the house)... I'm living on the edge today! Don't judge!!

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