Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yay it's almost Halloween!

As a kid I wasn't allowed to trick-or-treat due to religious reasons (so I was told) but things changed when my mother decided to secretly re-marry one Oct 31st and needed to get me out of the house. (No I am not in therapy - maybe I should be!) So, my new older step-sister, Tracey, took me trick or treating around our little neighborhood in Hendersonville, TN... It was a last minute thing so I drew on my face with eye liner, put on some mismatched clothing and said "I'm a nerd!" - I was 6 people...

So, ever since then it has become a beloved holiday for me. The dressing up, eating candy, wandering your neighborhood knocking on doors... all of it, I just really enjoy it. Sadly, as a 30 year old it might be a bit odd if I walked over to my evil neighbor Linda's house and said "Trick-or-treat"... I'm pretty sure she may call the cops.

I remember my last Halloween of trick-or-treating. I was in high school and went over to some friends house with my other friend Bronwyn. She was a cheerleader for our high school, and I have secretly always wanted to be one, so she let me wear her uniform for Halloween. I drew freckles on my face, put my hair in pig tails and we wandered the neighborhood - we were probably at least 16 or 17. We got a lot of weird looks and comments about being to old... So sadly, that was the last one.

All the years following have, from what I can remember, included dressing up for parties and still enjoying the holiday.

nothing against Hanukkah, we had all the holidays upJeff and I have had several parties of our own and we always dress up. So far we have been The Adams Family (with Matt and Kelly), The Bundy's from Married with Children (with Matt and Kelly), Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf (see above picture) and the Evil Easter Bunny and Dead Santa (see picture to the right).

(the Easter bunny and Santa costumes went along with our theme of holidays... our house was decorated in every holiday except Halloween... with blood dripping off the signs, etc... I have a weird sense of humor... maybe b/c I do need that therapy I referred to earlier... hmmm...).

This year we have our costume idea and I plan to make them tonight. I can't tell you what it is just yet, you'll have to wait. We always decorate the house and invite all our friends over- it's become our one party we throw. I know I look forward to it, hopefully this year will be as fun!! Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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