Monday, October 29, 2007

Our Halloween Party...

We had our party on Saturday, the theme was treehouse of horror. I decorated the house, with loads of help from Regina, to look like you were inside a tree. Hubby and I dress like Tarzan and Jane (which I made myself).

Our party was much smaller than most years - seems alot of folks were out of town this year or just not into the Halloween spirit. Either way we had fun hanging out, watching scary movies and mixing up cocktails. The party ended at 3am!

I posted the pictures, check them out, we had some GREAT costumes!!

We originally had 3 categories: Best Couple, Most Creative and Scariest. We had to change that due to we had no couples left and no one was dressed scary... So we just voted for the best top 3. The winners were Cock Blocker, Nunzilla and Mommy Dearest. Mommy Dearest won best overall and was given an extra prize of free movie passes.

The gifts were old cheesy horror movies and then items that went along with them. One was about a man who kills people and chops them up for cat food. In the bag were 3 cans of cat food, the actual DVD, a chopper, a cat book, a cheesy cat picture and a cat figurine. One was about hot jungle woman who capture explorers and have their way with them and then kill them. In that bag we had condoms ribbed for her pleasure, bug repelant, a book on womans erotic writing, the DVD and a camo tank. The last one was about a family whose father dies and in his will he says his kids have to stay in his house for one week before they can inherit his money. They all die of course. In that bag we had a Evil Dad coffee mug, fake money, 2 books on dealing with anger and toxic parents, a framed family portrait and the DVD. (Sorry, I don't remember the actual names of the films at this moment.)

Thanks to all who came - we hope you enjoyed yourselves.

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