Thursday, October 18, 2007


I'm sick right now with a cold that apparently everyone under the sun has had... Maybe this is a punishment for not getting that flu shot...

I don't really have much to say other than this weekend is the Portland Fashion Week. Regina, Dawn and myself (sickie sickerton) are headed down tomorrow after work. I have advised them to take their Airborne so noone else gets my evil germs.

I vow to wash my hands often, cover my mouth when I sneeze or cough and take my medicine.

I tried answering some emails on Wednesday and just couldn't bear to sit for a long period of time. Today wasn't as bad but it sure feels better lying down... So if anyone got a short email from me that sounded harsh, I assure you it wasn't meant to be that way, it was me merely trying to answer you as quick as possible so I could resume my positioning on the couch. I did have to do work today and I will again tomorrow but being home atleast allows me to rest for small periods and to take the medicine that says "may cause drowsiness"...

Oh and to throw in a bit of fashion... I sure wish I had some of those Oprah's favorite PJ's - Karen Neuburger! I could look cute and be comfy.

Poor Jeff has had to look at me for 2 days now with my crazy hair and scary outfits.

(FYI, I did bath today as I had to see the Dr.)

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