Sunday, October 7, 2007

Green Fashion Week has come to a close...

The week started off slow for us as we all had other obligations we had to take care of, so we had to try and make it to the Green Fashion Week events when we could. We did a pretty good job of splitting up the events and making it to most all of them. Sadly, we missed the trunk show on Thursday. I heard it was a fun shopping experience.

I must say though, the final fashion show evening at Bell Harbor was my favorite. For being the 1st year this event has happened, they did a great job of organizing it and making it look very high end! There was nothing out of the ordinary or "newish" to this event.

When we arrived, we noticed the silent auction items were hard to see but they quickly remedied that problem with many candles which added an elegance to their table of items. I didn't even know there was going to be a silent auction but they did have a few nice items I would have gladly gone home with... Birna had one of her signature pieces of jewelry on the table and as always it was beautiful! (Did I mention we ran into her and spent quite a fun evening getting to know her better. We also ran into Tara from Revival Ink, Susan and Trudi from Beautiful One Magazine and Renee and Philo from Liminist - Seeing all of them made the evening!)

They had an open bar with Limon mojitos and guava champagne martinis - both were delicious! We had a few appetizers when we arrived but after the runway show is when they really started passing the food around.

Now, on to the runway show. The Spring/Summer '08 lines they had on the runway were amazing. I saw so many items I would love to own! Eco friendly clothing from local designers - what could be better? I took pictures of everything and I must apologize as their is a head in most of the pictures - there was a woman in front of me who would not sit still. She kept moving to the right to talk to her friend, moving to the left to talk to her other friend. I was getting sea sick (and annoyed) sitting behind her. She just would not stop moving so it made taking pictures rather difficult, plus she had curly hair and I think you'll see some of it in each picture... I did the best I could. (In the pictures, the designer name will appear after each set of items so you will know who designed what...)

I'm a little sad that Fashion Week has now coming to a close. We were pretty spoiled in the Northwest this year... I think 3 fashion weeks should squash the socks with sandals (~I shudder~), flannel shirt wearing, backpack toting reputation that Seattle has. We are a very outdoor lifestyle, casual living city, HOWEVER, there is a large population of those people who love fashion. Trust me I LOVE wearing jeans... but I love fashion and I love owning beautiful pieces. We have so many talented designers in this city - it's about time people start to take notice! Support your local designers anytime you can, they really are amazing!

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uris said...

hi tarah, thank you so much for posting photos,im one of the models for most of the shows and i must tell you, i appreciate it so much that u have photos for it as a lot of the other girls are trying to find photos from the shows as well and you always seem to have them, thank u so,so much!