Friday, October 5, 2007

Seattle GREEN Fashion Week

It's finally here! The new Seattle Fashion Week that has been pretty heavily advertised on the radio, around town and in several local publications. We've been waiting and now it's here!!

Regina kicked off the week for us at their first event at Vessel with cocktails and mingling. Then on Wednesday she and I attended their green panel discussion (which you can read about here). Thursday we missed due to prior arrangements. Tonight is the spa and services suite at El Gaucho which we also will be missing as we were to late to schedule any services (I secretly am crying inside as I love spa services with a passion!). Saturday is the big runway event and we WILL be there! stay tuned for updates and images from those events!

Tonight, Dawn and I are headed to La Rousse for the Sameunderneath Trunk Show - should be fun!!

I have to gather all the items for DIFFA this week and attend a few shows... It's going to be a busy weekend! If you see me and I look like I am dragging, it's probably b/c I am... A non-fat vanilla latte will make me feel better - anyone?

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