Thursday, October 11, 2007

Crazy Life

Wow, things have been really hectic and very busy... My day job is a given in my list of to-do's but once I get home my life just doesn't stop.

We are wrapping up the auction procurement for DIFFA, trying to get ready for our setup at the DIFFA party (signs, flyer's, table clothes, back drop, auction items, clothing for Julian, our own clothing...), trying to get vendors lined up for the upcoming Crave Show in November, getting our press passes in order for Portland Fashion Week and getting our travel and hotel all lined up (thank you Dawn!).

I got a call yesterday from Weight Watchers Magazine (my jewelry is going to be on the cover of the Nov/Dec issue, hence the photo above), they want more jewelry from me for a makeover photo shoot. They called me yesterday at about 1pm and want items for Friday (as in tomorrow). Once I got home last night Jeff and I went to dinner and then as soon as I got home I started making jewelry. It feels good to be making jewelry again as I have kind of pushed it aside for Urban Fashion Network. That keeps me busy enough! I made 3 sets and some earrings and finally got to bed about 1:30. I woke up at 6:30 and dropped the items off at FedEx to be overnighted.. Phew!

We are ready for the DIFFA event, it was alot more work than we thought but hopefully they will raise alot of money for the local AIDS groups.

Also, we hope to see you at the Crave Show - make sure to stop by and say hello. I will actually be selling my jewelry there... or at least that is the plan right now!!

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