Friday, October 12, 2007

First class ticket to hell?

I was at Ross in Southcenter today and was looking for a black wrap to go with my dress for tomorrow... I found one, but it had no tag on it... I found a tag on the floor next to the rack marked down to $2.99. The cashier rang me up and sent me on my way...

For the record Ross is a messy store with clothing everywhere, tags missing and all over the floor, rude people pushing through aisles, etc... By no means was I going to search the store for another one... It was my lunch break.

Was my finding a tag (conveniently marked down to $2.99) an easy way to get a first class ticket straight to hell? Or was it ok? I would also assume if it was wrong the cashier would have said this doesn't go with this item as she had to scan it... Maybe I actually found the correct ticket.


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