Sunday, September 16, 2007

WOW, what a weekend!!

(get ready to read a bit...) This weekend we hit so many shows... Friday night after work we headed to Bellevue to kick off fashion week with the Nordstrom Fashion show - that was a fun show - so many cool new clothes. Check out Dawn's blog, she has all the details. I even took some video and will post that shortly...

Saturday I started my day with Bouncing Wall's 1 yr Anniversary Party then headed down to Belltown to check out the Punk Rock Flea Market.

Let me just say that Bouncing Wall is such a cute shop - they have so many amazing local designers. I purchased a cute top from SuzaBelle (I left and then returned to buy it b/c I couldn't get it off my mind!) and purchased a grey t-shirt with blue headphones on it for my husband from Carmacazzi. When I arrived I was greeted by Kim with a fabulous goodie bag and a mimosa - my favorite way to be greeted I must say! Kim and staff are amazing and super friendly. I put my name in their drawing and just so happened to be 1 of 7 winners - what a great day!! (Funny thing, I won another Carmacazzi shirt, my husband will be decked out in their gear now!) :)

The Punk Rock Flea Market was pretty cool, so many different styles of vendors. I saw several I knew (KneLow Cosmetics, Anna Perrone, Florid Designs ...) and met some new ones to add to the site. I made sure to meet Josh, the show creator, he was really nice and I definitely hope to work with him sometime soon!

Later that evening Dawn and I headed to Bellevue for the Posh party and VIP shopping event. We got our press passes and wandered the event taking pictures and mingling. Once the runway show started I took a place in the back so I could get some shots of the clothes. I definitely need a professional quality camera as some of my shots looked like poo... Sorry... I did get alot though, hope you enjoy them! We weren't planning on getting a goodie bag but Deb (one of the show organizers) was so nice that she gave us both one as we were leaving. Thanks Deb! What an amazing goodie bag!! After the show we headed over to the mall for the VIP Shopping event. We went from shop to shop checking out their discounts. Origins gave us samples, Road gave us free boxers (another gift for hubby), $7 off at InSpa, Coldwater Creek had a free bracelet, Lulumon had free panties, etc... I ended up using the $20 gift card they gave us at Lucy's - I bought a super soft hoodie which I got another 20% off of... Score! Around 9:30pm we headed home...

This morning I woke up and headed to Thread Show in Fremont. I stood in line for about 45 min for yet another goodie bag. Once inside, Dawn and I met tons of new designers and met several we have been emailing with. It's always great to put a face with a name. That show was great - so many shoppers and designers. They all seemed to be pretty pleased with the turnout and the credit card line wasn't short so people were buying! I found the most fabulous Suzabelle brown velvet and pink coat for $30... yes, I said $30!! I also bought a pink shirt for myself from Carmacazzi... I think I am their best customer for the last 2 days... 3 shirts I now have from them. Everyone was so nice, thank you all for taking the time to chat with me and let me fill ya in on what it is we do.

I left the show around 1:20 and now I am home... Phew... I think I am officially off the clock now and I'm going to go enjoy some relaxation time.

Happy Shopping!

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