Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bellevue Fashion Week continues...

Last night I headed to Bellevue after work to attend the Shoot In Style men's event for Bellevue Fashion Week. I really thought I would stand out like a sore thumb since I am in fact not a man... However, I did not - I was in fact part of the majority. There were ALOT of woman there... among the cute fashionable men I must add. Ladies and men, if you're single this would have been a great place to meet.

Let me just start off by saying this event was well put together. They had free pool, yummy food, drinks, manicures and services, an air guitar contest (Guitar Hero on Xbox), a DJ and a fashion show... There were things to do which made it all the more entertaining. Check out the pictures here! Sadly I had to leave before the fashion show to attend the Women's Classic Fashion Show down at Fashion AXIS. Before I left though I was able to get a gift bag for my husband and wow, those "gift bags" were pretty nice! They had a Helly Hansen hat, a shot glass, a notebook and a pouch thingy, a leather key chain, some serious coupons, and it all came in a nice silver tin. My hubby was impressed and actually drove over to Bellevue today to use those coupons... (for those who know him I can imagine they are shocked and now believe me that he liked the items...)

Regina met me for the Classic's show - we headed in, got our passes, had a few drinks (the signature drink was the Moscow Mule - it was yummy!!), ate some food and then headed in to watch the runway show. Regina will do a write up about the actual runway show as I took a ton of picts.

The women's gift bag had some great coupons, a shoe shining kit, a bath loofah, jewelry cleaner, bottle of smart water and much more. I must say, they really have put some effort into the gift bags - thank you to Deb for the Posh Party and Classic's show gift bag. Check out the pictures!

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