Friday, September 21, 2007

DIFFA (and me being a WOOSIE!)

We had a meeting today with DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) to go over some details for the auction associated with the Party at the Mansion on October 13th at the Rainier Club. We had procured about $4500 worth of merchandise but we still need more. We had agreed to try and raise $10,000, but man, it's alot harder than I thought. Many designers and shops have been so helpful and supportive - thank you so much to all of you! We appreciate it!

If you would like to donate some items for the cause please let us know. Your business will not only get some great exposure but you will also be helping a great cause. Also, you can buy tickets for the event on their website - it's such a fun party!!

After the meeting, Dawn and I had to go pick up some awesome donated shirts from Sam Trout, a local t-shirt designer. I must say, they are so cool! Then we proceed back to the downtown area to make a quick stop by Clutch to check 'em out. Such a great shop - they carry some amazing handbags!! We were able to meet the owner, Kim, she was super nice and chatted with us for a bit. They will be having their grang opening party October 4th, we will definitely be there!

After Clutch, we walked to another boutique that I will not name. It is absolutely lovely and the people inside were cordial... However, I totally got stage fright and didn't speak to the owner, even as she stood 10 feet from us and I knew who she was immediately... I felt so under dressed almost like I needed to go home and change and come back... It was all in my head, I know this. No one made me feel that way by any means... I'm such a woosie! I had an opportunity and I blew it, I will have to try again another day. I can't believe I got so nervous - that's so silly... right!?

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