Monday, September 24, 2007

The David Lawrence Fashion Show & Brunch

On Saturday evening Regina, Dawn and myself made our last Fashion Week trip to Bellevue for the David Lawrence show. All the money from ticket sales went to help Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer research. (LOVE that!!)

This setup was a little different than the other events we have attended. They had cocktails but no appetizers... The Cosmopolitan I had was one of the best Cosmos I have had in awhile - just the right amount of everything!

The 3 of us headed into the main room to get seats for the runway show. I had told myself that I wasn't going to take as many pictures this time, but, I did... I took picture of the WHOLE show - it's like an addiction.

It was such a high energy show - the music was loud, very upbeat, the models looked amazing, (there were some HOT guys!!) oh and I really enjoyed the clothes... Fashion shows have such an energy about them and this one definitely had a high level of pizazz! (Regina and Dawn will go more in depth of the show itself... check out their blogs!)

After the show, David Blackham came out and thanked everyone, had the models come back out and then invited us back to their shop for appetizers and wine...

We headed over, making a few small stops at places, and then attended the party. The party wasn't my favorite part of the evening. There were to many people in the store, it was very crowded, getting wine was really hard to do and there were no appetizers that we say... I did get a piece of chocolate, however, it's still resting in my purse. I don't like being crammed into places, especially when people are pushy. We found a more spacious space to stand in and then decided to just go stand outside the store.

While out there we realized that one of the male models, Jesse, was one of the models from the last few years of DIFFA parties. Dawn took the lead and introduced us (I was feeling shy). He informed us he'll be at the Party at the Mansion yet again... There is a reason to attend the party, if anything!!

Check out the fashion show pictures!!

On Sunday we were invited to La Rousse for an A-List Brunch - We felt so honored for the invite!!

Regina and I went and checked out the new merchandise, had a delicious Bloody Mary and some extremely yummy food! Thanks Amanda for inviting us and being so supportive of what we do!

I, of course, took pictures!!

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uris said...

hi tarah, looking forward to seeing pics from the david lawrence show, thanks!!!