Sunday, September 9, 2007

Vera Wang - you're the winner for today!

Today I went to Kohl's to check out the new Vera Wang line, Simply Vera. Her items are cute but I was expecting them to be cheaper than what they were... but by no means were they high end prices, so I guess I can't complain.

My favorite items of hers were the shoes... I loved the shoes! All of her shoes were really cute and averaged at about $60-$130... Not bad. Oh, her handbags were cute, she even has scarves, hats, gloves, jewelry, and more.

Apparently Kohl's has alot of celebrity lines... Vanessa Minnillo has a makeup line called Flirt, Victoria and David Beckham have their perfumes there (not my favorite by any means, sorry, but it was rather stinky)... along with 100 other celebs (JLo, Britney, Celine, Paris, Ashley Judd, Olsen Twins, etc)... I guess that is the thing to do.

Earlier in the day we went to Steve and Barry's to check out Amanda Bynes new line, Dear... It was ok, but not for me. It definitely would appeal to a younger girl, say like 14ish... (click on the website and listen to her talk, it sounds like audio from a cult or some type of self help tape you would fall asleep to... creepy! Sorry Amanda, it's nothing personal.) (Side Note: I feel like I have seen that deer image she is using on her clothing line somewhere else... like on another clothing line or even a jewelry line... Anyone know what I am talking about?)

Sarah Jessica Parker's line Bitten is super cute, I really like it. I even bought a pair of dark wash jeans for $15. Not bad at all!!

Anyways, I guess I was expecting Kohl's to be more along the low low end price range, but it's ok that it wasn't, I had just been misinformed. I would suggest checking it out as it was worth the trip. Here are the picts I took from my camera phone. Enjoy!

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sunshine girl said...

Hey Tarah
Old Navy embroideried little dears on there polos I think it was last year- maybe that is where you saw it. About two years ago dears were showing up alot in artwork that I saw in NY and in magazines on handbags and t-shirts.
I love that you have this fun site.