Saturday, September 8, 2007

UFN = Party Animals

Dawn and I went to an early, early, early morning (7am, people!) breakfast for some WSU Business School event at the Sheraton Friday morning... Then we proceeded to our actual day jobs, then left around 4pm and headed back to Seattle to start our UFN duties... First we headed to La Rousse to check out her happy hour specials. I ended up purchasing 2 lovely dress/tops (all while sipping a glass or wine) and Dawn purchased one (sans wine... pregnant, remember...).

We left spending little money but feeling like a million bucks!

Then we hopped back in the car and headed to the Atsui Grand Opening celebration which we had RSVP'd for... We checked out the cool Japanese designer clothes and snacked on ahi tuna apps from BOKA Kitchen - well, actually I did, no raw fish for those who are pregnant... I ate some for Dawn though, no worries! Oh and I had a glass of some yummy champagne, she had Dry Soda. Jay, one of the owners, was a lovely host and snapped a picture of us before we left. Thanks for the great time... Oh and thanks to the Alexis Hotel valet, they gave us free parking: His exact words, "We usually charge but since she's pregnant..." SUPER!! ;)

Back in the car and off to Fremont for the First Friday Fashion event. We hit pretty much all the stores, had a snack or two, looked through the sales racks and then decided to go eat dinner (mmm... Mexican!).

It was quite a night of boutique shopping - I wish every night was as exciting as Friday! Thank you to all the wonderful folks we met... I didn't see a shop I didn't like. Sadly a few were closed but we still peeked inside. Fremont has alot to offer shoppers. Enexile is leaving Seattle so they are having a liquidation - go stock up before it's to late!!

We'll have picts up soon enough! Happy shopping!

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