Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I came across this SUPER COOL site!!

I was searching for some fun fashion sites and I came across this site, Popgloss, somehow... OMG, I am in love with some of the products I see... Check out this AMAZING jewelry from Nectar Jewelry!!! I literally want to buy everything I see... If you are a designer, this is the site you need to get on, they have such an amazing eclectic mix of products... Some of the most unique items I have seen...

Some of the items on the site are so great I just don't know how to explain them. I saw this picnic dress and it's so funny and kitschy that it makes me like it more and more... The dress is made from Reddish from Israel, they created the Buttercup dress from three different food related fabrics. I just think it's so clever!!! It would go perfectly with that cute Kate Spade Cape Cod bag I've secretly been wanting... whoops, guess the cats out of the bag on that one.


erika said...

Awe shux, your making me blush.
Thanx Tarah, your pretty amazing too!
Erika Chapin

Tarah said...

Oh yay!! How cool you found us! Thanks for checking out my blog. :)