Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sorry to say it Kate, but you're wrong...

If you read my blogs you know I love Kate Spade... always have and always will... However, today I saw something that made me waver just a bit... not much, but enough for me to feel the need to blog about it.

So, I opened my email this morning to find an email from that had the subject line "the must-have bag for fall"... I opened it up and my first thought was "Kate spade you are wrong - that is hideous" It looks like some crazy puffy coat made into a bag, a Kate Spade bag none-the-less... Did some crazy person sneak into the Kate Spade factory and take off his ugly coat and decide to make a handbag out of it? Really Kate, this is the must-have bag for Fall? I can't accept that - sorry. I love your work but I must say this one just isn't for me, I need an alternative must-have bag for fall - is there another option, a plan b maybe?

I found a must-have bag for fall I'd rather have. Check out Maya Moon, she is one of the designers on our site and her purses are beautiful. Check them out - they are way better than puffy coat handbags and they are from a hot up and coming designer!

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FemmeNoire said...

It's been years since I've seen a Kate Spade bag worth getting excited about.