Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ah, the magic of Photoshop!

We all know that models and celeb photos get photoshoped before we see them but this website shows you just how much... go to and click on the portfolio section. From there click on an image and put your mouse over it to see the original image. There are big changes... Eva Longoria gets skinnier, Beyonce' looses a fat roll, Britney Murphy looks younger, and so on... Oh, what's the big deal with freckles.. they seem to hate them and erase them, I think they are cute!

I was surprised, to be honest... I think I need to work on my own photo and see what I can come up with... Better or worse? (scary should be an option as well since I'm not as talented apparently as the touch up artists... but atleast I sent myself to the beach!)

1 comment:

imakecutestuff said... "eeeeek!" an option? ;)
Luckily, you do not need're lovely just the way you are! :D