Monday, August 20, 2007

I am a triathlete...

This really isn't fashion related but it's my blog and I'll blog if I want to... ;)

I have been training for several months for the Women's Danskin Trithalon with 2 friends, Jen and Regina (Yes, THE Regina of UFN). Sunday that finally all came to a close. Saturday was spent attending an expo where we received loads of random free swag and listened to a few speakers give us tips on the race and what to expect. Then we had to rack our bikes, go home and load up on carbs and try and get atleast 8 hours of sleep. I believe we pretty much accomplished that, minus a few hours of sleep here and there.

Sunday we all got up before 6am and were at the race and ready to go by 6:45am... oh and don't let me forget it was raining. None of us had trained in the rain so that added a whole new element to the day. Regina began in the 18th wave of swimmers at 7:34 and then Jen and I in the 20th wave at 7:40... The swim was by far the hardest. We all agreed that we did not actually swim the correct distance while training... Apparently the bouy we were swimming to was quite shorter in distance. The swim felt like it was never ending.

The bike came next, which was fine for the most part. Sadly, I made a girl fall on the on ramp to I-90 when 2 girls stopped in front me and I had to stop suddenly - her tire hit mine and she fell over. She was ok though. On the way back on the bridge it began pouring so it felt like pellets smacking my face - that kinda sucked... My left hand is bruised on the inside of my palm from gripping so hard.

Once I got back from the ride, I racked my bike and started for the run only to realize I had left my bike helmet on and had to turn around and go put it back... In hind sight I could have tossed it to save time but I'm just not in that space yet... Maybe next time, but I like my helmet.

On the run I saw my husband which totally cheered me up. 3 miles left to go and I was done... I made it in under 2 hours which was my goal. I was proud of myself and so happy when they put the metal around my neck and said "You are now a triathlete". Such a great feeling... thank goodness I didn't throw up b/c I wanted to, that would have killed the moment.

I would definitely suggest trying to Danskin Tri - it's worth the experience.
Me biking
Crossing the finish line

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